Interesting repair of the day: Furuno MU-120C display

I’m starting to see a lot of the Furuno MU-120C displays  come my way with the back light circuit malfunctioning.  Looks like Furuno is having a hard time sourcing replacement boards in order to service them.  Since the unit is composed almost entirely of surface mount components – component level repair is quite challenging – and beyond the scope of most service organizations.

Fortunately, I’ve successfully repaired enough of them that I feel very comfortable with the process.

Not long ago I was tasked with replacing the LCD that’s used in these units. It had an annoying red line that went down the right 3rd of the screen. Furuno was unable to provide a replacement LCD, but I eventually found a compatible unit from a vendor in Hong Kong. It required a significant effort to transplant the custom made – high intensity back light assembly and get it all working properly. In the end, my customer was quite happy with the results.

Here is a photo of my latest success story…mu-120C-2



  1. Capt Ed Petrilli on April 13, 2014 at 12:25 am


    I have a furuno mu120-c that has a horizontal hold problem. I sent it to Furuno for repair 2 years ago and they fixed it. It happened again a year later and sent it to them again and they said they do not have parts to repair any longer. I asked to speak with a supervisor and the next day a regional VP contacted me. I described my aggravation at such poor support not having parts for a 7 year old $5,000 unit new. I’m a charter captain and explained I would not ever be buying Furuno again. He found a used unit at the factory repair center and sent that unit to me no charge. Now a year later that unit is doing the same thing. Do you think you have the ability to get the part to repair this unit? It must be a common problem. Thanks for your input. Capt Ed

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