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Interesting repair of the day – PART 1: Raymarine C90 W

A customer brings in a Raymarine C90W stating it wouldn’t turn on. They have proven themselves to be very reliable, and very few have come in for repair.  I was initially skeptical, so I tried to power it up and sure enough – it refused to cooperate. Later, I removed the rear case and found this: Click on the photo for a larger image.   The internal chassis was like a soggy Florida morning with dew – everywhere. It was nearly time to go home so I decided to leave it overnight to see if some time in the air conditioning might dry it out. Even with the best seals, atmospheric pressure and temperature changes will cause a unit to “breathe”, and ultimately collect some moisture. Since it’s “fresh” water, it’s no where near as damaging as salt water intrusion,
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Interesting Repair of the Day: Raymarine E120 LCD replacement.

The Sun: The prerequisite for all life, and the destroyer of LCDs! The photo below shows what prolonged exposure can do to a LCD – and it’s not pretty.  It looks like someone took a blow torch to this one! Click on the photo for a better view. The large circular “fried spot” is UV radiation damage to the polarization films on the LCD glass. It takes quite a while for it to get this bad. Had the protective cover been in place this would not have happened. Sidebar: We are seeing the same kind of damage to older Furuno units such as the FCV-582L, the GP-1650 and GP-1850 series LCDs – even if the protective cover is in place! The white plastic cover is not enough to stop the intense UV radiation found in Southern latitudes. Coating the inside
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